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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is intelligent mobility management and security platform. What this means is that EMS helps protect and secure your organization with its products that act to increase security features of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.

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Enterprise Mobility + Security
E3 E5
Information Protection
Azure Information Protection Plan 1  
Azure Information Protection Plan 2  
Manual, default, and mandatory sensitivity labeling in Office 365
Automatic sensitivity labeling in Office 365 apps  
Manual labeling with the AIP app and plugin
Automatic labeling in the AIP plugin  
Basic Message Encryption
Advanced Message Encryption  
Threat Protection
Microsoft Defender for Identity  
Cloud access security broker
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Discovery
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps  
Office 365 Cloud App Security  
Identity and access management
Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1  
Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 2  
User Provisioning
Cloud user self-service password change
Cloud user self-service password reset
Hybrid user self-service password change/reset with on-premises write-back
Advanced Security Reports
Multi Factor Authentication
Conditional Access
Risk Based Conditional Access / Identity Protection  
Privileged Identity Management  
Access Reviews  
Entitlement Management  
On-premises Active Directory sync for SSO
Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
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Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 includes new and advanced security capabilities that make up our holistic and innovative approach to security for the mobile enterprise. Some E5 capabilities were previously only available as standalone products, such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, or as products in preview, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory Identity Protection, Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management, and Azure Information Protection.
Your best options for determining whether Enterprise Mobility + Security is right for you are to start a free trial of the E5 version, or consult with a sales specialist to learn more about how E3 or E5 can meet your needs.
Both technologies assist in the goal of data loss prevention and are complementary. Azure Information Protection helps assure that data you are working on is classified, labelled, and protected based on business data policies. Office 365 offers similar capabilities, but from within Office 365 services: Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint. Use these technologies together to achieve combined, significant levels of data protection.
Microsoft Intune, included with Enterprise Mobility + Security, lets you manage Office 365 mobile apps so you can maintain the rich, productive Office user experience while Intune helps keep your corporate data secure. Additionally, Azure Active Directory, used by Office 365, enhances Enterprise Mobility + Security by including features like self-service password reset, group membership, and advanced machine learning-based security and usage reporting.
Intune provides mobile device and application management across popular platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. When Intune is connected with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager in a hybrid configuration, you can also manage Macs, Unix and Linux servers, and Windows Server machines from a single management console.
Some Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 components are available for purchase separately, including Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, and Intune. However, the components are designed to work together, creating a comprehensive solution to help you determine your mobility and security strategy, today and into the future. Purchasing the suite also represents a better value compared to purchasing the individual components.

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Microsoft 365 For Enterprise
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security
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